Big River Raw Engineered Timber Flooring

Big River Raw or Uncoated Engineered Australian Hardwood Flooring is manufactured exclusively in Australia from five layers of Australian eucalypt hardwood sheets bonded together to form a solid, stable floorboard. Each layer has its grain aligned at right-angles to the next, creating an extremely stable structure, with the top and bottom layer being the veneer of the chosen species

The special cross-ply manufacturing process creates boards with the genuine beauty of forest timbers but with greater resistance to shrinkage than solid timber boards

All Big River engineered flooring is milled from managed regrowth and plantation forest hardwoods. Big River hardwood flooring is Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) Chain of Custody certified.

Features and Benefits

Engineered Overlay is supplied “raw” without coating for installation and then is sanded and polished on site as a traditional timber floor.

  • Thinner boards, perfect for renovations or refurbishments where existing floors are in place
  • Easy to maintain
  • Does not require a plywood underlay or sub-floor
  • Installation over existing timber, sheet floor, battens and concrete
  • Can be re-stained to change the floor colour
  • Does not require on-site acclimatisation

Timber Species

Big River Raw Engineered Timber Flooring is available in six Australian hardwood timber species. Selecting your timber species for your new Big River Engineered Timber Floor comes mostly down to an aesthetic choice. The timber species will determine the general look, such as colour and grain patterns, however with timber being a natural product even within one species there will be variations. Some species exhibit only small variations while others vary greatly in colour and features.

  • Alpine Ash
  • Blackbutt
  • Flooded
  • Spotted Gum
  • Sydney Bluegum
  • Walnut

Apline Ash
Colours: Yellowish brown to pale pink

Colours: Medium straw to medium brown

Flooded Gum
Colours: Pink to pale red-brown/ dark pink to red-brown

Spotted Gum
Colours: Light to dark brown with some reddish tones

Sydney Blue Gum
Colours: Dark pink to pinkish brown

Colours: Pale to dark reddish-brown


Board Sizing Width and thickness of the individual boards (mm) 138 x 14
189 x 14
Board Length Length of the individual boards (mm) 1200 - 2400
Grade Grades are based on the surface appearance Select
Durability Based on the timber's ability to resist decay and degradation Extremely durable
Surface Durability Based on the timber's ability to resist surface damage and degradation Very durable
Wear layer The amount of timber that is above the tongue and groove (joints) 6mm
Sanding Whether the surface can be sanded Yes
Fixing The methods of fixing available Secret Fixed
Installation Sub-floor The type of sub-floor the flooring can be installed on to (note: requirements may vary) Over Existing Timber
Over Sheet Floors
Over Concrete

For more information of the how to select your Big River raw engineered timber floor and additional general information on flooring specification and installation, please visit our Selection Process page.

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