Brisbane Deck Sanding and Polishing

Most of Brisbane decks suffer from the harsh elements of the sun, water and all other effects of the weather. These elements slowly wear away the surface of your timber deck leaving it looking tired and old, and most importantly unprotected. The longer the deck stays unprotected the quicker it deteriorates. So what's your solution?

Deck Sanding and Polishing

Our Deck Sanding and Polishing service extends throughout Brisbane and the entire South East Queenland area. NS Timber Flooring have been sanding decks in Brisbane since 1982 and our quality, experience and industry excellence is second to none.

What is deck sanding

Deck sanding is a process that we do to prepare the deck for restoration. If your deck is old and tired or is experiencing issues such as mildew, cracking, fading, and splintering, the sanding process removes a small layer of the surface, leaving a higher condition timber surface. Sanding can also remove any old finish if you want to change the colour of your deck.

Deck Polish, Sealing or Staining

Once your deck is sanded to reveal a like-new surface, our team finishes the your deck with the application of a high quality sealant. This protects the timber of deck from water, sun damage, dirt and leaves it with a brand new appearance.

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