Elegant Oak - Engineered Pre-finished Oak Flooring

Elegant Oak is a beautiful engineered timber flooring product produced from French Oak. Elegant Oak is pre-finished and available in a range of colours, enriching any decor.

Available in two board thicknesses, 12mm and 15mm, these individual boards feature a 2mm (12mm boards) and 4mm (15mm boards) wear layer with an engineered substrate which enhances the performance of the floor and ensures it is long wearing, stable and durable. The boards are coated in a German UV cured lacquer for greater surface protection.

This product is also great for DIY installations in that you can handle engineered timber flooring installs in sections rather than having to do it all at once. It can be applied to walls as well as your floors, creating an amazing feature. You can also do it while still living in the house and even using the same room to an extent. It’s easy to install and creates minimal mess.

Features and Benefits

  • Genuine French Oak veneer
  • Excellent wear resistance and backed by 25 years manufacturers warranty
  • Easy to install, suitable for do-it-yourself
  • Install over existing timber, sheet floor, tiles and concrete
  • Light brushed surface (12mm) & Intense brushed surface (15mm)


The pre-finished Elegant Oak is supplied fully finish in a choice of colours (see left). It has a German UV cured ultra matte coating and once laid it is ready to walk on.

Pre-finished - In it’s pre-finished form Regal Oak is supplied fully finish in a choice of colours (see left). It has a water based UV cured matte coating and once laid it is ready to walk on.

Pre-Finished Colour Range

Elegant Oak is available in seven different colour options. The base timber is the same, with only the colour varying.




Slate Grey



Burnt Umber


Wear layer / thickness The veneer layer and overall thickness of the individual boards (mm) 2 / 12
4 / 15
Board Sizing Width and thickness of the individual boards (mm) 190 x 12
189 x 15
Board Length Length of the individual boards (mm) Up to 2100
Up to 1830
Surface texture Based on the surface appearance Light brush
Intense brush
Finish The gloss level of the finished boards Ultra Matte
Durability Based on the timber's ability to resist decay and degradation Engineered
Surface Durability Based on the timber's ability to resist surface damage and degradation Very durable
Sanding Whether the surface can be sanded No
Fixing The methods of fixing available Floating
Installation Sub-floor The type of sub-floor the flooring can be installed on to (note: requirements may vary) Over Existing Timber
Over Sheet Floors
Over tiles
Over Concrete

For more information of the how to select your timber floor and additional general information on flooring specification and installation, please visit our Selection Process page.

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