Raw Elegant Oak - Engineered Uncoated Oak Flooring

Raw Elegant Oak is a beautiful uncoasted engineered timber flooring product produced from certified French Oak. Elegant Oak made with the same construct as it's pre-finished sibling, but features a square edge allowing for on-site finishing. This added feature allows for endless design and colour options enabling this product to enrich any decor.

The individual boards feature a 4mm thick wear layer with an engineered substrate which enhances the performance of the floor and ensures it is long wearing, stable and durable. It's tongue and groove construction allow for secret fixing.

Raw Elegant Oak is a lightly pre-sanded, square edge and unfinished product, designed to be stained and finished on site.

Features and Benefits

  • Extremely durable with excellent wear resistance
  • Lightly pre-sanded
  • Can be stained any colour
  • Install over existing timber, sheet floor, tiles and concrete
  • Certified Genuine French Oak


Board Sizing Width and thickness of the individual boards (mm) 189 x 15
Wear layer The amount of timber that is above the tongue and groove (joints) 4mm
Board Length Length of the individual boards (mm) 1830
Grade Grades are based on the surface appearance Select with Micro Bevelled edges
Durability Based on the timber's ability to resist decay and degradation Engineered
Surface Durability Based on the timber's ability to resist surface damage and degradation Very durable
Sanding Whether the surface can be sanded Yes
Installation Sub-floor The type of sub-floor the flooring can be installed on to (note: requirements may vary) Over Existing Timber
Over Sheet Floors
Over Concrete

For more information of the how to select your timber floor and additional general information on flooring specification and installation, please visit our Selection Process page.

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