Urban Swedish Timber Oak

Exhibiting the strong natural features and characteristics of the timber, Urban Swedish Oak Solid Flooring brings a striking and unmatched character to your floor. The floorboards are supplied in raw (uncoated) form allowing for various staining options to achieve your ultimate desired finish.

Each individual board features a 6mm thick wear layer with an overall solid board thickness of 17mm. This design ensures that the Urban Swedish Oak floor is long wearing, stable and durable

Styles of Design

A special feature available to the Urban Swedish Oak product is the ability to achieve 3 different, striking Styles of Design. These Styles of Design allow the Urban Swedish Oak to cater for a varying array of individual tastes. Urban Swedish Oak has been specially produced so that through different installation and finishing techniques the product can achieved the unique appearance of the desired Style of Design.

The 3 Styles of Design are:

  • Modern - A contempory appearance rich in character.
  • True Urban - A 21st Century retro, yet natural appearance.
  • Outback - A rustic, high detailed appearance with strong features.


True Urban


Staining options are not limited to the Styles of Design and may be mixed and matched to achieved the perfect timber floor.

Features and Benefits

Urban Swedish Oak is a solid timber flooring product and is supplied raw without any coatings. This allow for it to be sanded and finished on-site, as well as the ability to be re-sanded like any other traditional timber floor. Some of the additional features for this striking product are:

  • Wideboard Oak floor
  • 6mm wear layer
  • Easy to maintain
  • Installation over existing timber, sheet floor, or on ply over concrete
  • Can be secret fixed leaving a nail-free finish
  • Can be stained to achieve the desired floor colour


Board Sizing Width and thickness of the individual boards (mm) 143 x 17
Board Length Length of the individual boards (mm) 2000 - 2400
Grade Grades are based on the surface appearance Rustic
Durability Based on the timber's ability to resist decay and degradation Very durable
Surface Durability Based on the timber's ability to resist surface damage and degradation Very durable
Wear layer The amount of timber that is above the tongue and groove (joints) 6mm
Sanding Whether the surface can be sanded Yes
Fixing The methods of fixing available Secret Fixed
Installation Sub-floor The type of sub-floor the flooring can be installed on to (note: requirements may vary) Over Existing Timber
Over Sheet Floors
Over Concrete

For more information of the how to select your Urban Swedish Oak raw solid timber floor and additional general information on flooring specification and installation, please visit our Selection Process page.

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